The Carbon Web


Oil runs through every sector of society. London, our city, is one of the global centres of the oil industry. Oil companies use the city to extract a combination of financial, political, legal and technological services that enable them to produce, pump, transport, refine and sell oil and gas. 

For more than a decade, Platform has been mapping out the network of relationships between oil and gas companies and the government departments, regulators, cultural institutions, banks and other institutions that surround them. We call this the Carbon Web.

The Carbon Web is key to our understanding of how the corporations function. It is a tool that helps campaigners find points of intervention against the oil industry.

Platform’s overall aim is to sever the links between oil companies and the institutions that facilitate extraction. Our campaign against the Royal Bank of Scotland targeted the private banks financing harmful fossil fuel projects. Platform’s “Licence to Spill” project challenges BP’s sponsorship of Tate. Through these projects, Platform’s Carbon Web team has built up a body of expertise that continues to grow.

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