52 Shades Of Greed


About 52 Shades of Greed

After the instant success of the 52 Shades of Greed playing card deck, the artists and Occupy Wall Street Alternative Banking team responsible for the project announce the launch of a companion deck: 52 Shades of Progress.

See the press release here.

About Alternative Banking

Alternative Banking is a group of people who are disturbed about the current state of finance and financial regulation. Many of us have experience or expertise in the financial industry and are all-too-familiar with the way that the industry exploits “dumb money” and manipulates financial regulation to its benefit. We are open to everyone who would like to understand what has gone wrong with the banking industry, Wall Street and the political and regulatory process and work to fix it.

Read and find out more about Alternative Banking.


About the Artists

The 52 Shades of Greed art directing team, Marc Scheff and Daniel Nyari, are NYC-based illustrators who wanted to create a unique collaboration between illustrators of all stripes and levels of fame to say something important about the world. They believe that illustrators can be teachers engaged in politics and social welfare. They believe that we can become more than individuals and more than servants to other peoples’ messages. They gathered an art team from all over the world to contribute to the 52 Shades of Greed project, and could not be more pleased with the result.

Adam S. Doyle
Alex Fine
Chi Birmingham
Chris B. Murray
Corinne Reid
Daniel Nyari (Designer & Art Director)
Denman Rooke
Dobot (Logan Faerber)
Eric Fortune
Gloria Pizzilli
Hyesu Lee
Jess Worby
John Lee
Jon Burgerman
Jonathan Calugi
Justin Volz
Kyle Smart
Matt Rota
Marc Scheff (& Art Director)
Martin Wittfooth
Michael Marsicano
Mikkel Sommer
PJ McQuade
Skip Sterling
Stephanie F. Scholz
Steve Simpson
Tim Paul
Vicky Yarova


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